We have an ongoing commitment to improve the quality of life of all employees involved in the productive chain through projects that address the challenges facing rural workers, curb irregularities and promote good practices.

Brasil Ceras has also been guided by sustainability policies to create a positive impact on the environment, contributing to the maintenance of biodiversity of local ecosystems and cooperating, through its products, with the development of a low carbon economy. Learn a little about our work:

Carnauba for Education and Biodiversity

The "Carnaúba for Education and Biodiversity" project, supported by Brasil Ceras and corporate partners, offers scholarships to young people from extractivist families, enabling them to complete high school and go on to technical courses such as Agriculture, Agroindustry or Zootechnics at a renowned school in the region.

In addition, the students immerse themselves in advanced topics on the carnauba chain and develop agroforestry projects on their properties. This initiative not only provides education and sustainable development, but also creates alternative sources of income, encouraging the spread of sustainable practices and providing economic benefits in the communities where they work.

Carnauba Sustainability Institute

An institution founded by Brasil Ceras whose purpose is to develop and manage projects and actions to support education, protect local biodiversity, and improve the quality of life of people involved in carnauba extraction.

We aim to combat the challenges of the carnauba palm powder production chain through specific initiatives that provide alternative sources of increased income to the extractors, protection, and recovery of the habitats of the species in the Caatinga and Cerrado biomes, as well as access to education for new generations in the communities involved with carnauba in the state of Piauí.

It is our belief that only through the protection of local biodiversity, support for education, and economic prosperity for the people who form the basis of carnauba extraction can the sustainability and longevity of this chain be guaranteed.

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